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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 169  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2017 11:32am-12:01pm AST

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going back to locations held before two thousand and fourteen before the push against isis because the kurds got a lot of territory because of how they fought isolate these areas with iraq you seem to want to go to back to something called the blue line this it was implemented in one thousand nine hundred one by the you went to protect the kurds from saddam hussein very different territorial. the u.s. secretary of state is traveling to pakistan as part of a tour of the region focusing on conflict and security rex tillerson is expected to use the visits pressure pakistan to do more to stop taliban fighters from operating there. the chinese president's name and ideology have been added to the country's constitution on the final day of the communist party conference that makes him one of the country's most powerful leaders in decades. the u.s. is considering sanctions against me and for its treatment of the range of muslims the state department says it may use a human rights lawyer to talking to leaders or groups involved in the violence in rakhine state more than six hundred thousand were injured have fled to bangladesh
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to escape a military crackdown on mars army denies accusations of ethnic cleansing the u.n. is warning of early signs of genocide in the central african republic as fighting intensifies between rebel groups the secretary general antonio terrace will visit the country on tuesday to assess the crisis those are the headlines the news continues after the stream i will see you very sort of. news has never been more available but the message is simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint trying to bring mainstream we do narrative at this time on al-jazeera. i am fairly ok are you in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube so you can watch along and comment at the same time now for
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a week has passed since the worst single attack in somalia's history many are asking can a rare moment of unity be harnessed for change. people on their way to work shopkeepers university students and even a school bus full of children last week's huge truck bomb in the somali capital mogadishu killed at least three hundred fifty eight people and prompted a wave of revulsion local people especially the young were quick to respond they helped the wounded they dug through rubble for survivors they raise funds and they marched against armed group al-shabaab and the government many are now asking can this moment of togetherness make a real difference joining us to talk about this abdul rahman omar as min is this somali minister of information to noora is a photographer out of filmmaker de facto her son a blogger
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a volunteer rescue worker and one hundred ago is a senior correspondent for al jazeera english gentleman welcome it's good to have you here. i want you to give our audience some idea of what it is like to live in mortgage issue with the fear that maybe when you go down the street when you pick up your groceries something might happen to you what is that like. well thank you very much does. your movie. is full of the. new film and. or of whatever you want. your back so. it's very difficult. but where we come from it's not like it's in the food was there let me just ask the minister of information i'm going to
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show our audience minister a little graphic out as they were put together the mogadishu attacks in twenty seventeen here is january continue down here into january in february we had a suicide bomb thirty nine killed in march one two incidences here we have april may june i was looking for a month maybe you a month what was quiet that was peace or i couldn't find one would go into july into all this september october the fourteenth this is the biggest attack in markets issues history and then that's not over yet just this weekend eleven killed after the deadliest blasts the security a mortgage issue what is it like. i mean thank you very much for having me in. somalia and also in the region. what need described as the nine eleven of somalia and the single attack that took place
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really. a number of civilians that we've talking about over six hundred people are . dying we are still mourning. so many people have shown their resilience and to give that unity in defiance of the terrorists and their actions so we believe these even though we are still mourning and we lost. a number of civilian it is but we are coming together to terms where we are saying enough is enough and should be defeated in so many when it signals that you show us. their gender their tactic is seen as well winning the military war as soon as it was there that's why you have seen and. types but when you look at the graph from doing up to now it was less we need to enjoy the fact is we have managed to secure them and that's why this was and this brazen terrorist who showed me that
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there are still limits cincinnati is somehow a republic not a lot of contact people were fleury us after the fourteenth. one of title. well most of the people on the streets actually unget it with a ball for cutting off such a breeze and they like thoughts targeting one of the busiest junctions of mogadishu and all school shooting rashid said the more carlos thing the group could have done but then there was people over who was one of the government's ability to protect the people in mogadishu saying look only the government. troops there more than twenty thousand of union peacekeepers in the country and have been there for more than two years why is that the. box holds all.
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compete on. you. in the cup with all. of the groups life of one group of people. to the government's ability to protect them i want our audience to shout and to see what it was like thinking surrounding five has hit the streets have a look as the council protest decides to upset today's a blast site that was cut by somali police and up to continue peacekeepers but the college press sourcing the police to shift and to discuss the goldfish bowl mourning period is over i'm does it as a militia say they come out ask the difficult questions they say that i'm going to the house will they believe kind of talk but also the government for what they call a failure to protect them. well to let me bring you into the conversation we've had a lot of comments online about what's happening in somalia mogadishu right now and
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the mood so bright boss here says the attack hasn't changed the mood of somalis but made civilians unite and fight against their country enemy we share one more with you this is a key somalis should move forward by coming together and say enough is enough and somali youth who bear the brunt of attacks should lead the way are you seeing somali youth leading the way to. actually i believe the use this time they said that they are they can do something they are capable of those functions one of the examples is the dome accounting which is are a group of volunteers from different backgrounds of volunteers well known universities but there are are. they came up they came up together to actually start to rescue the people and of being a member of the those volunteers are we team up and then we try to and we
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organize ourselves and we assign our you tell us to do different tasks so i was a member on the social media department which is. understood apartments is possible of bring in their formation going to the field gone to the hospitals and. like we need then to try to gather information of the casualties the missing people and trying to get the information of the. elect we are we made as a the government government the current team we made an online database that actually people could submit the missing people and then it will help us identify. the missing people and then weakest link up with their would like the families and their loved ones so it's this huge thing was the government it's probably gave us the credit for or do understand cause right we don't have our emergency said that
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actually can there was a such thirty's until today so as the volunteers of the you will we we came up with this idea before we didn't feel that we actually have. what we are like we used to actually feel that we're not. being like in gaining our knowledge they're not. actually our gadget to show these pictures because you were talking about the volunteers and you were talking about organizing the social media i'm just going to look for if somebody thinks you can help us explain what's going on here because these are the young people you said mobilised pretty much you didn't like. yes yes as you can see there you are here there are they came r r r r r and two hundred volunteers they went to the there's a bomb inside and they start helping the security forces and clean up and then and a whiskey and so there's pretty much what we actually succeed to do and we hope
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that actually the government give us more our like responsibilities are and in health of engaged in decision making how many system you have you seen the u.s. organizing in this way before. i would say family these were one of the most of the things. you have the morning the youth coming out in large numbers for all who have paid all in the country during the years of the ability of both who came from the front countries in the world of coming to get up on the helping their people only helping in the best you. can offer offices but also in the. emergency operations center set up by the government where they've been the one that i think the relatives of the victims all the bombing i must say
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could it before goes to the government for a lot of them. that this place with which to cut it out than before how many so you're about to say something. absolutely we can understand you know that young people are so minor to the leadership in coming together and organized and then has had a lot of gravity. and been the victims and that's why the government is giving it over to an easy and a space we're going to really do. and what they believe is and they didn't then look at it as if someone is in their hands but someone is inside and outside the country where we are seen and if you know about the largest demonstration throughout somalia and some kind of. where people are saying enough is enough and now it's time to move on so even the senate reading that they really will themselves are going to try to leave and now they're going to what it's going to put it about of you that we would get an amazing welcome to become another senator
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or future shop in management so we kind of sense you know i'm too fat to uni saying that roots attack changing the way. organizing and their voices of being. yes definitely because in previous incidents we never have to this coming up together and something in sympathy and this is the first time we're seeing you know that vulture is going to go into how do you belong to when all of this moves in war and it's what's actually keeping us up for that but i will ask one question from the minister. with the new them. to get them to fill in the reason themself them something but what what's the government of the citizens because we cannot win again he said through the help and you know it and it is that he's an approach that because we're not just the. only way through the next.
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yes. i'm going to take that was when i asked you the very first question you didn't actually answer i asked you about the security and at the fact is asking again about security how do you protect your people. learned a lesson from what happened someone once said if. someone. but i haven't said these. kind of. about. kind of these that just happened to come forth and. give. up in order to give them and of a space where they come from such. and such a not so we are doing everything you know i'll never understand. we are
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informants. here you know out of this crisis but we can't get out. of that out of. how to get it and defeat the terrorists you know and there's a lot of. that. but anyway we have already gotten. this form of terror. and other countries. so now they're receiving medical treatment. but we tried to do more in terms of showing up until about. go ahead at the fact that. you were immigrants in the midst of or for your answer actually i mean i was saying i mean i know that there have been a few of government it's not yet i. wouldn't put it in such
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a crisis but why would the government is on the focusing on of them with the coal interests in the compass of us the folks that it's them or them going to stations and not focusing on the security which they're very involved in a company that you know wants to be tried now and then i wonder how many saudis to give in i know that people out of the asking questions you know a lot of women still wonder what's going on if that was the biggest of what happened and what could be the next one i mean you know all this was of course that is about no the government's new wealth but what in this you could if it's number one it's not the number one priority for the for the fight for our government. no matter what that's number one priority i mean people sometimes the president for money or anything on six of every he declared a state of war in somalia saying that if we go after al shabaab sooner than we are there it's almost forty years and as you know there's speculation forced to be sure
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well that as far as we have seen big leap over the next week many fitz-roy a number of it's not so and definitely not a boat or a security is number one of my comment on your website on your twitter profile you posted an al-jazeera video about remembering the people who died on october the fourteenth link can't not just to another attack but to real people i want our audience to seen some of those people have pasta why haven't up.
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a similar sentiment on your twitter feed as well you talk about the over three hundred not being just a number they had names and professions some of them were helping and serving their beloved country we need a memorial wall some people who are still missing some people they know that you haven't found yet tell us more. actually. the reason why this
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incident was different from others is a little what a close friend of a close family member my best friend's sister insisting listen. that's why i actually have most of the picture on it all because i'm and this is not just a number you know and refuse incidents when the. information before i've been of the symptoms many going into this incident is that the casualty is that high level one of the monsters. and you know most of the victims if not all the dust of the many civilians. we have to come together and you have to do that not just the number if you have names of the fishery they have students i mean it filtered lesser stories and showed up just because it was one percent and looked still missing here you still looking for. there are a lot of people actually are within our field that i'm connected to everyone that
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is missing because. usually apart from being a member of the volunteer with community actually. i have a you tube channel i shall cast the box at the side of the molly other beautiful side of somalia and call it in day out or it's come back to the country and build the country and come here i live here in somalia and promote in that someone is peaceful but when this thing happened this tragedy happened i felt all my followers and they're asking me like what are what what's going to be next all this happens all are you sure somalia is a safe place to be so i feel like our after is after all and really because of the. people to come back home that actually is just going right in a sky child like that for all yet so we feel like we feel like we would be in but
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not yet look to do you feel safe you return type. into account gene pretending right now do you still say right now. actually i do my routine nothing nothing changed before but. i'm still worried and still worried that because this person could be me those people could i could be one of them because i was lucky because i was going to the place but i got delayed for twenty minutes roll tonight you guys could be showing my photo on i just remember the moment a little while i think that devastation that that twenty minutes difference that could have been years. live yeah. yeah yeah. you can understand we're going to turn source one of the of one of my friends actually there is a doctor. i met him like last month and we had
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a good time actually he was telling me about how or talking about how to actually like if you're so happy to be our doctor. and and he got all graduated from. university and he would kill me a block donation product that they actually want to perform for the government because they don't have a blood bank so i was shocked because i thought he's all in the database. and one of the missing people and i feel so bad because we still looking for him among the hundreds of many people actually that are missing well you kind of kind of turn now minister so many questions about the safety the security of somalis online this is a suggestion here it's time to start issuing id cards for mogadishu residents start an id check on the streets arrest and deport everyone was no id card you have been shreiking to be reassuring about security and safety is this perhaps one
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approach is to be really straights about who goes where id checks there will be checkpoints but they didn't work on october fourteenth. not really they don't want to be. oppressed people we want people as if you understand time for money lengthy and example. going to respect the human rights and the dignity of advancement never the less when you have that. merit in the society there are so many of the reasons and any of. that. number one military defeat and number two to try to reconcile. all of that weapon is going to someone's trying since october fourteenth in your approach. yes everything to have turned and you have people coming
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out. saying enough is enough i don't need to. be in a lot smaller. number of young volunteers. join the military their whole lives are coming together so. we have no place to hide any walk of life is going to. end this war with the support of our international partners. beginning. to get full unity might have its what's changed. consent. here and before you get. the puzzle this would be if you is as a brilliant idea and so. multitudes of people who've been asking the government to
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be with you number plates and sure who is the before you. should be in a government that before the plan b. . cutting all these at the. top to go but if you ride the bike and a vehicle yes. you know under the table without the government knowledge and this is contributing to must the book a good thing and all right let me show you a little bit of what's been happening online as we have been live on you tube and that's one of the comments there are many that try to stop the progress of somalis and needs to be an effective method to help the development of somalis which also includes thousand djibouti kenya and or so south sudan so i want to leave you with the hope that we've been seeing online and that's why i'm up has a huge page he paint he paints pictures and also shares videos of
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a somali that we rarely get to say this is desirable each have a. now. never. what i'm saying is everything is with because i have to. have good days bad. days and bad but i come to the street.
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november on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me and my bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of the i have. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across tunisia. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bone to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one when east brings captivating stories and award winning film. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump mbox in a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was he was started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the toughest closure of the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices
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deadly environmental and health comes we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution problems around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera we here in the jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of intimate with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the field covering the united nations and global the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters.
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our assessment right now is it is an isis affiliated group.


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